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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Sonic The Hedgehog #253

October 3rd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Ian Flynn

Pencils: Tracy Yardley and Lamar Wells

Inks: Terry Austin

Colors: Matt Herms

Publisher: Archie

One world, two sets of memories, while familiar it is different. What is real, what is false, what would you give up to set things right and the bigger question, do you want to? These are questions that come to the forefront as Archie unleashes the newest story arc in the Sonic the Hedgehog arc “Countdown to Chaos”.

Sonic and Tails are on the hunt to track down the missing Freedom Fighters in the aftermath of the Worlds Collide saga. As scene in the last issue, the world has changed and the inhabitants of it have no idea of what has transpired. That is until Sonic and Tails interact with the sentient A.I. Nicole, which brings back all the memories of their previous life. Now they are struggling with the two sets of memories inside their heads, but the question remains what is real and what is not, and to make matters worse, would you give up the ones you thought were real if it meant bringing back the friends who were lost?

We have seen some of the Freedom Fighters that we haven’t seen in a while (Antoine, Bunnie and Sally) are all well and out on missions. This is a welcome for fans that have been without Antoine since Sonic #235 as he has been in a coma after almost sacrificing his life, and Bunnie has been missing since the same issue. Sally meanwhile was robotocized after the “Genesis” arc that ran through the 220’s. Finding out that we will be having adventures with these much beloved characters has brought a lot of joy to the readers, but how long are we going to keep them before things go back to the way they were before “Worlds Collide”?

Ian Flynn once again has started a story arc that is sure to change the landscape of the Sonic Universe. He always seems to know just how to pace the story and keep us wanting more. He gave us a glimpse of Sally last issue and this issue all we get is a black silhouette. He always seems to be able to get readers drooling for the next issue and it is always a pain to have to wait a month for it. It is also nice how he is tying the narrative of this issue to the narrative of the Sonic Universe arc “Pirate Plunder Panic” which details what Amy Rose is doing during this time.

As always, the art cannot be dismissed, with pencil layouts by Tracy Yardley and finished by Lamar Wells, it is everything we have come to expect from a Sonic comic. Plus we are introduced to some new characters in this world as well as redesigned known stars like Rotor Walrus. This is one of those books that are consistently at the highest pinnacle when it comes to the art. You don’t have people screaming about an artist change because lately there has been a sense of this is how the art should be. I owe a lot of that to Yardley himself.

Once again a solid story and fantastic art make Sonic one of the best and most action packed comics that is currently out there. It is to coin the phrase “Way Past Cool!”

5 out of 5 nerds


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