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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Sonic Universe #56

September 19th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Script and Pencils: Tracy Yardley

Publisher: Archie

ARRRRRG MATEYS! ‘Tis be adventure on the high seas with Sonic Universe #56, Pirate Plunder Panic Part 2!

I know I constantly give high praise to the Sonic the Hedgehog books, but that is for good reason. The stories, art and just everything about them are so fantastic that everyone should be reading them. The newest issue of Universe is no different as this is a tale where the focus is on the other characters in the Sonic Universe (no pun intended) and not on the blue hedgehog himself. The current arc that focuses on Blaze the Cat as well as Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit and Marine the Raccoon is a fun filled journey that is simply too good to pass up.

Once again written by acclaimed Sonic artist Tracy Yardley, the second issue of Pirate Plunder Panic picks up moments after part 1 ended. With Blaze a captive of the nefarious Captain Metal and his crew, the full evil scheme of the Captain is revealed. While not giving too much away this issue ties into the recently ended World Collide saga, and a weapon from that story has found its way to Blaze’s world and the Captain has big plans for it and the Sol Emeralds. That is if he isn’t stopped by Blaze and her Freedom Fighter friends that is.

While not a lot of action in this issue as they are building up for parts 3 and 4, this outing did give many hilarious captions from Bean the Dynamite and Marine. These two characters are so good at making me laugh due to both their very distinct personalities, one being akin to Scrappy Doo who has no problem rushing in to a fight and the other being just completely insane. That is a thing of beauty in this book because even if you have never read a previous story with them in it, you fully understand them by the last panel. Which I guess I’ll let it slip that the last panel is a GIANT ROBOT KRAKEN!!!

Once again Yardley shows why he is not just a fantastic Sonic artist but a fantastic storyteller as well. His understanding of the characters, as I have stated before, is truly spectacular and brings so much to these tales. He art speaks for itself, as it is everything you come to expect from a book in this series. Add in the bright vibrant colors of Steve Downer and the inks of Jim Amash and they just bring all the right ingredients for this masterpiece.

If you are in the need for a good fun filled adventure with robots, pirates…heck ROBOT PIRATES! Then this is the book for you. Also don’t forget to ask your retailer for the SEGA Variant, this month showcasing Amy Rose herself.

5 out of 5 nerds


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