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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Super Knocked Up #1, One Night Stand

September 19th, 2013 by Julz Hendricks Comments

Written by: Jeff Burns

Art by: Gandakusuma

Colors by: Kefas Armando

Letters by: MaGnUs

Jeff Burns has not only given us an awesome web series (That have over 2 million views!), but we also get an awesome comic. Super Knocked Up “One Night Stand”.

We start off with the beautiful Jessica James AKA DarkStar. We find her holding a baby, and kicking major butt! Don’t worry though, because we see what happened 9 months ago, that led up to this. DarkStar has broken into BlackRock Super-Villian prison to of course break out Dr. Destruction. DarkStar meets her biggest fan, Cheery Villain who confesses to having her “action figure”. I love this scene, like most comic collectors, when we meet our hero, we totally geek out!

Next we see Captain Amazing taking a little break from his heroic day. He is with a beautiful woman, when he has to go to BlackRock prison to stop DarkStar. She successfully breaks out Dr. Destruction, but not before he tries to kill Darkstar’s biggest fan for being a “sidekick”, stating “You know what usually happens to sidekicks!” Captain Amazing arrives right in time to stop the bullet. He of course gets a big kiss for saving her life. Next there is this super awesome epic battle panel with the villains, and heroes! There is Amethyst, Burnup, Mystic Girl, Mr. Impossible, and Freeze Pop!

The comic only gets more awesome from here out. DarkStar and Captain Amazing duke it out for a bit, before locking into a passionate kiss. All that pent up aggression taking it’s toll, and they just gave in. I absolutely loved this. One panel you see them glaring at each other. The next they are kissing. Fantastic! This of course leads to the one night stand, which in turn produces the cute little baby.

The art is fantastic in this comic. The panels are bright and colorful, and the characters are carefully drawn. The fight scenes look so amazing, and the action lines are drawn so well, that it is like you can feel the whoosh of air coming it.

I highly recommend reading this comic. It is action packed and full of funny bits. It is free online at SuperKnockedUp.Com for your viewing pleasure. You can download it as a PDF. You can also purchase the print copy at IndyPlanet for $4.50.

While you are there buying the comic, don’t forget to check out their web site with tons of geeky goodies! Jeff also hosts Super Geeked Up on Wednesday nights, in which fans and guests come on to talk about all kinds of things! It is always a fun time. You can follow them on Twitter @SuperKnockedUp to keep up to date on all the latest news and also to keep you informed as to when you can watch the new episodes. They are 3 episodes into Season 2 with episode 4 on its way. Don’t forget to also stop by the Super Knocked Up store to stock up on merchandise.

I have to say that the cast of SKU are the nicest people. We have had the pleasure of interviewing them on Panel 2 Panel, and they are wonderful. Kicking butt on the web and in real life! Do yourself a favor, and support Super Knocked Up as they dominate the world, and do it all while bringing you quality shows and comics.

I of course give this comic…

5 out of 5 nerds


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At the age of 23 this girl did something she wished would have happened a long time ago, she read her first comic. She now spends every waking moment making up for the missed time. She loves all things Doctor Who, and enjoys debates about who is the better Doctor (Matt Smith). You would have a hard time finding a bigger Powerpuff girls fan, and she isn't afraid to admit it. She spends most of her free time reading comics to her two kids or talking about how awesome Superman is with her husband. She is a huge Art Baltazar and Franco fan, and advocates the buying of all their stuff! She is one of the co-hosts to Panel 2 Panel and loves every second. Follow her on Twitter where she encourages the reading of Wolverine and Hawkeye @JulzHendricks