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Darth Maul’s Clone Wars story arc gets a finale through comics

January 8th, 2014 by Christopher Williams Comments

When the Clone Wars was suddenly cancelled, fans high and low were stunned that Disney chose to axe such a popular show. Many expected the show to transition over to a channel such as Disney XD, but alas this was not the to be the case. From that moment on, everyone wondered what would happen to all the storylines that were still up in the air.

Ahsoka left the Jedi Order, the show hadn’t tied into Revenge of the Sith yet, but the one I wondered about the most was Darth Maul. If you will recall the battle between Maul and Savage vs Sidious (we’ve embedded it below for your rewatching pleasure), in what was one of the most fantastic lightsaber duels in the history of the show, Savage lost his life and Sidious told Maul that he still had purpose for his one time apprentice. Out of all the unfinished arcs, that particular revelation from Sidious left me burning with curiosity more than any of the others. What could be that purpose? What was the resurrected Maul’s place in the Star Wars Universe?

Well it seems this March the answer to my questions may come to light. According to website Newsarama, LucasFilm has struck up a deal with none other then current publisher of Star Wars comics, Dark Horse, to give fans a satisfying conclusion to the Clone Wars Darth Maul story arc. The book, entitled Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, will be adapted from screenplays meant for the show by none other then Star Wars comic writer Jeremy Barlow.

The book is promising a full scale return of Maul as he gets set to face off with Sidious in a head-to-head battle. The comic will also shed more light on the mysterious home planet of Maul, Dathomir, as well as those who live on the planet, like the Force witch tribe, the Nightsisters. A new character by the name of Brother Viscus is also set to be introduced.

I think the most interesting aspect of this book though is that LucasFilm and Dark Horse are making this happen, despite the recent announcement that Star Wars comic rights will move to Marvel Comics in 2015, a sister company of LucasFilm under the Disney banner. Maybe it’s just a last big hurrah for Dark Horse, hopefully there will be a few more before the year is out, or it could be LucasFilm hitting us with some fan service, but whatever it is, the news makes this particular Star Wars fan truly elated! Who else out there is already adding this title to their pull list?

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