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August 17th, 2016 by Paddy Comments


Regardless of your thoughts on The Suicide Squad film, the one thing everyone can agree on right now is that it’s everywhere.

It should come as no surprise to find the comic book equivalent is getting a high profile relaunch/ reboot/ rebirth.
Suicide Squad #1 (***) isn’t giving much away as the team, identical to the film, is quickly assembled and sent on their first mission.
To say this is slight is an understatement as there’s not much meat on these bones – much to Killer Croc’s dismay, no doubt.
There are a few nice touches among the slavish adherence to toeing the line with the film release though.
Rick Flagg showing compassion towards Killer Croc and Harley Quinn playing Pokemon Go are noticeable flourishes but that’s about it.
Much more satisfying is the secondary story about Deadshot’s origins that sees Lawton team up with Batman to save his daughter’s life, even then you can’t help but feel it’s simply to shoe horn the Caped Crusader into events.
Jim Lee’s art is as lush as you would expect and perhaps, like the film for many, there’s too much focus on making it look cool rather than giving proceedings anything resembling depth.
There’s absolutely no ambiguity as to whether the DC cinematic/ television universes are shaping events in Supergirl #1 (****).
It’s practically a carbon copy of the TV show pilot in many regards, right down to a long thought dead relative of Kara looking like the villain of the piece.
Still, it moves at a rapid pace and there are more than a few scenes that can’t help but resonate – plus it sets up a few plot threads regarding Red Kryptonite that auger well for future issues.

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