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October 22nd, 2013 by Jake Tanner Comments

These days the best way to get into a new writer or series is by one of two ways. Either you’ve heard about how great they are by word of mouth from a fellow reader or you randomly pick up a title and fall in love with it as the story progresses. I heard about DC’s Swamp Thing by word of mouth. People constantly told me re great things Snyder was doing on the series and they were completely right. The problem was, however, that once Snyder left the book, people stopped reading it. I’m SO glad I didn’t. Not only did sticking with it pay off for me with just that series alone, it introduced me to the writing of Mr. Charles Soule, one of the best up-and-coming comic writers in the industry.

Swamp Thing is a series that has been around for decades. Anyone who reads even a page of it knows that what they’re getting is a dark, gritty story about the Avatar of the Green. Things may not always work out the best for our hero, but in the end, he does what in his heart he knows is right. He restores balance to the world. What caught my eye about Soule when I read the beginning of his run on the series was the fact that he could keep the dark, serious tone that Swamp Thing is known and loved for, but he could inject humor into it organically without breaking the tone of the story.
After what I’ve dubbed ‘pallet cleansing’ issues on ST, he dove into his huge storyline about a brand-new villain: The Seeder. All-time great writers have told the tales of Swamp Thing. (Alan Moore and Scott Snyder. Just to name a couple.) It would be a humungous task for anyone to fill those shoes. Not only has Soule done that beautifully, he’s writing it as well, if not better than anyone ever has. (And telling a fresh, original story while he’s at it!)

As with any creator whose work I enjoy so much, I decided to dive deeper into Soule’s catalog. While it may not be as extensive as say, Jonathan Hickman, it really packs a punch. Stories like Strange Attractors or his work on the Red Lantern series have me beyond excited for his new titles: Superman & Wonder Woman (read my review here: and Letter 44 ( As of NYCC he’s also been announced to write a She-Hulk ongoing and he’ll be doing another version of the Thunderbolts that features the Ghost Rider. (You’re killing my wallet Mr. Soule!)

If you find yourself unfamiliar with Soule’s work, don’t just take my word for it. I may not have started reading his stories full of anticipation when I opened that first issue of his run on Swamp Thing, but now his work is some of my most anticipated (and enjoyed!) from month to month. If you don’t believe me, pick up Swamp Thing #19 (Soule’s first issue in the series) or one of his other titles like Strange Attractors and I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!

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