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IDW Announces HUGE X-Files, TMNT, Transformers, Ghostbusters, & Crow Crossover!

October 21st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Huge news was announced at IDW over the weekend. A mash-up of multiple pop-culture cult followings will be colliding in a huge event. That’s right, the X-Files will be crossing over with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Ghostbusters, and The Crow in a gigantic event that will span through 2014.

The sure to be epic event starts with X-Files: Conspiracy #1. The solicitation for the issue says, “The event of the year begins here! When the Lone Gunmen discover internet files from the future, they learn that a plague will soon wipe out most of humanity. With Agents Mulder and Scully working one lead, the Gunmen spring into action and investigate several urban legends: a group of ghost-hunters, mutant turtles that live in the sewers, shape-changing alien robots, and a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave.”

The crossover continues in X-Files: Conspiracy: Ghostbusters. The solicitation says, “The Lone Gunmen investigate their first lead, The Ghostbusters. Are they frauds and charlatans, bilking unwitting clients out of money? Or do they have special insight into the afterlife? And how are they connected to the plague that’s poised to wipe out humanity?”

This event is sure to change the landscape of IDW over the next year and could potentially bring in a TON of new readers for them. With such a giant mash-up of their most popular titles, things are sure looking exciting on their end!

What are your thoughts on this HUGE announcement? Post them in the comments below!


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