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Marvel to adapt The Force Awakens into comic form? It’s true, all of it.

February 20th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments


This was probably a safe bet, but for those of you who shock easily, Marvel have just announced that they will be adapting Star Wars: The Force Awakens into a comic book, which will begin its run in June. And from what we’re hearing, The Force is indeed strong with this one.

Written for the page by Chuck Wendig – no stranger to the galaxy far, far away, as his previous work includes the Star Wars: Aftermath book trilogy – and drawn by Luke Ross.

Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Marvel editor Jordan D White said:

“The Force Awakens knocked our socks off from the very first time we saw it, and we could not wait to start being able to play with these new, awesome characters! Now, we get to bring all of them to the pages of our comics with an adaptation of the film we loved so much! We’re all fans first, so it’s all love that is bringing these pages to life!”

Comic Book Resources also have these killer drawings of Rey, Finn and Poe, as a preview of what is to come:

Star Wars The Force Awakens comic Finn Star Wars The Force Awakens comic Rey Star Wars The Force Awakens comic Poe

What would you like to see from a Force Awakens comic? A faithful, panel-by-panel adaptation of the film, or would you like to see it shift lane from time to time, maybe adding to those scenes and characters we didn’t see in the final cut?

We kinda hope to see an appearance by Constable Zuvio, or even that emotional deleted scene with Kylo Ren aboard the Millennium Falcon on Starkiller Base.

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