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MarvelNOW! announces new Thunderbolts line up

January 15th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

Last week we received a barrage of mysterious teaser images from Marvel last week, and this week we are finally getting some enlightenment on what they meant. We ran the image of Elektra in a hot embrace with Punisher with the title Explosive. This week Marvel has clued us in and that clue is the Thunderbolts! Here’s what Marvel is saying:

This April,  love AND betrayal are in the air as red-hot artist Phil Noto (Uncanny X-Force) joins superstar writer Daniel Way in Thunderbolts #7! As part of Marvel NOW!,  Thunderbolts turns up the action and brutality, as the industry’s top creators join the top Super Heroes to deliver the best ongoing stories, great for new and lapsed readers alike!

The Marvel Universe’s deadliest strike team take on a legion of robot menaces as the Punisher, Deadpool, Red Hulk, Elektra and Venom, paint giant targets on their back!  But when the leader of these weaponized Crimson Dynamos has close ties to someone on the team, everyone is a target! “The level of blowback leveled at the Thunderbolts will soon match the level of blowback occurring within the Thunderbolts,” said Daniel Way in an interview with “After the events of issue #7 the CIA, in particular, will be more than concerned with their actions. Oh…and The Avengers.”

Dang Daniel Way, that’s a lot of leveling! I have to admit, I am really excited to see how this book plays out, this story sounds salacious! I’m also wondering what a new Thunderbolts title means to the Dark Avengers title, which if you’ll remember, was Thunderbolts until it changed to Dark Avengers last year.

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