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MarvelNOW! teases new book XX

January 7th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

MarvelNOW! released this teaser today for a new book from busy as hell writer Brian Wood and artist Oliver Coipel. I’m assuming this is for a new X book given the title.

I know it would be hard as we’ve seen just about all there is when it comes to the X characters, but I’m really hoping Marvel blows my mind here. With all the double shipping and $3.99 titles, MarvelNOW! is looking more like a big money grab and not an actual attempt to refresh their characters like DC had with the New52. So with that being said, I’m hoping XX will bring us something original and creative. One thing I do trust in is that Brian Wood knows how to write a good story, so with that I rest a little easier. It does seem though that the X book universe is getting a bit crowded.

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