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The Justice League and the Suicide Squad are to go head-to-head in the comics

September 14th, 2016 by Christopher Williams Comments


It’s official guys, Rebirth is a hit. The new initiative has  helped push DC past Marvel in sales, making DC the top publisher once again. Mixing the best of the New 52 with elements of the pre-New 52 DC Universe has paid dividends. To keep the hype alive DC has settled on quarterly events. Coming this December DC drops the first of such events, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

The move looks to capitalize on the popularity of the Suicide Squad movie while featuring the Justice League who are also set to make their big screen debut as a team as well, though the movie and comic universes do remain separate entities. The main plot of the story will revolve around Batman deciding the Suicide Squad isn’t needed since the world has the Justice League already.

However the story will put focus on characters who often don’t get the limelight the way other DC characters do. Look for new Suicide Squad addition Killer Frost to play a major role in the story, as well as fan favorites Harley Quinn and Deadshot. “That’s been one of the biggest challenges, easily: trying to make sure every character has a moment, but isn’t forced,” said Joshua Williamson, writer of The Flash, who will handle writing duties for the miniseries.

Williamson will team with artist Jason Fabok for the six part series, with the first two issues coming in December and four in January. Look for tie ins as well with Suicide Squad #9 #10 and Justice League #12 and #13. Not only that, but the miniseries will effect the rest of the DC Comic Universe with the Justice League of America book spinning out of the event.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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