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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 05 Episode 05: Rewind

December 23rd, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

First off, want to say sorry for last week. Friday was busy because of Last Jedi and other things so I completely forgot to record Agents of Shield. Truth be told? Once I got around to seeing it, I didn’t miss not reviewing it, it didn’t really trip my trigger. Tonight’s episode though…

One of the biggest questions after the premiere of Season 05 was “What happened with Fitz?” Now, five episodes in, we have the answer, and it led to the best episode of the season by far. Just as the team has originally expected, the government was after them, and the moment after that the “capture squad” took the rest of the team, Fitz awoke to find himself alone, and then captured by the government.

For the next six months (more on that in a bit), he worked on trying to figure out what went on while under the watchful eye of his government captors. Or at least, until the one and only Lance Hunter showed up to rescue him. Dear gosh, I missed this man. I still think it was a travesty what happened to him and Bobbi in the show, and so I’m glad this “reunion” of sorts got to happen. One of the funniest moments here was when they were arguing about soccer for about a minute and then went, “I missed you” and hugged. That’s true friendship.

Anyway, now free, they had to figure out what happened to the team, which led to several big revelations, including the arrival and naming of Enoch. Apparently, this guy is like the Watcher, for he’s been on Earth for 30,000 years! And the reason he sent the team to the future was to prevent an “extinction level” event that was predicted by prophecy. Whose prophecy? Well, in a lovely bit of turnaround, it was none other than Robin, who we met in Season 03. She’s the daughter of the Inhuman who could see the future, more specifically, the future deaths of people.

Apparently, she’s gone through Terrigenesis, and now is a full-on seer herself. Again, this was a brilliant move by the team, bringing the past and future together through a character we’ve already met. Even more, she revealed why Fitz was not sent with them…because he has to save them.

The attack on the military base was funny, using ferrets to distract everyone, finding Enoch’s pod AND the Quinjet! SO COOL! Anyone else here the Back to the Future reference in there? Finally, we got to see how Fitz made it to the future…the long way. Cryogenics everyone! The classics never go out of style! What’s more, it made sense just in the “logic” way, for if Enoch had a time machine handily ready, that would’ve been odd. A cryo pod though? That’s different.

Now, all that being said, there are some big questions that still remains to be answered. One, how did Fitz get onto Kassius ship? Yes, Enoch said he had a plan, but I’d like to hear more. Second, Enoch said that the Monolith that sent the team to the future was activated “on the other side”…who activated it? Was it the voices we heard on the radio a little while back? Also, who is that military woman? And what plans does she have that she would kill her own people AND want to kidnap Robin for “her side”. Clearly, this is a setup for a later arc, but I hope that we don’t have to wait too long to find out about it.

Finally, something just felt off about leaving Fitz alone for six months, while in “the future” it’s only been a day or so since their arrival. Yes, it’s time travel, but it still felt odd. As well as that impatient of a woman being willing to wait six months before pulling the plug. Thankfully,  the actor for Fitz did a wonderful job portraying how hard it was for Fitz to be going through this period alone. He was the highlight of the episode besides Lance’s return.

All in all, “Rewind” did a good job of explaining what happened to Fitz and how he made it into the future. I hope that his return to the main group will bring some more urgency to things, as they need to step up their game.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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