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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 01 Episode 07: Marooned

March 4th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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Well…that happened.

Even in episodes that might be called “filler” Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t hesitate to throw in a lot of character building and intrigue, and “Marooned” did that in spades on numerous fronts.

From the getgo, it was clear that we would be learning more about Rip Hunter, as he played holographic messages of his wife and child who were killed by Savage. It’s that loss that truly separates Rip from Ollie and Barry. They technically have family still alive, while Rip’s family was killed by a madman, and the only people who could fix it refused to help. The flashbacks to how Rip and his wife were both training to be Time Lords, but were almost both kicked out because of their love was really nice. Not only because it gave us a look into his past, but also gave a great look into their relationship. Cause now, it’s not just “he’s doing this for his wife and son”. We’re seeing and feeling his pain because we’re seeing how much his wife believed in him. Even sacrificing her place within the Time Masters so that he can be what he needs to be. It’s simple touches that make these stories worth it and this was exactly that.

The fun of the episode as it were was a classic Space Pirate encounter. Or in this case, Time Pirates. Name change! While another simple touch it did allow for many great moments, many epic, many funny.

First, it allowed Ray to totally geek out, dishing out almost innumerous Star Trek and Star Wars lines. All of them perfect in the context of the episode.  As well as Martin Stein, who is now my favorite character in the series, as he revealed his childhood dream of being a Space Ranger. So epic. Add that to Snart and Sara almost dying from a hull breach, Ray almost dying from space exposure, and a bunch of fun fight scenes, and you’ve got a great episode.

But, the crux of it was with Mick Rory. After the events of “Star City 2046”, it was clear that Mick would be at odds with the rest of the Legends team. It was unclear how much, and how soon it would affect them. Well, we got that answer! The real fun here was that Rip revealed he only picked Rory because Snart likely wouldn’t have come without them. Add this to his already large bloodthirst, and it was no surprise he changed sides. That being said, it was played in a way to make you think he was trying to show his worth to the team. But in the end, it was a true double cross, which made it all the more impactful.


Which of course led to the shocking ending. “What were they going to do with Mick?” It was an interesting question, one that led to great discussion, and a resounding ending. I liked how in the Snart/Sara scenes he revealed how and why Mick were together as a team. And how that once again came up in the final scene. Even with death a very likely possibility, Mick refused to change his stance. So…Snart blasted him…we think.

Now yes, it’s possible he’s alive…but…I don’t know. Something just felt right about Snart being the one to kill. Not unlike an owner having to put down a demented dog. Which is an accurate analogy here. If he is really dead, it truly adds to the weight this series has. Cause now, 2 of the Legends team is gone. Which no doubt will put more pressure on the others to try and stay alive. Also though, Mick’s actions will likely lead to Rip picking more “stable” teammates in the future should Legends of Tomorrow be allowed to continue.

Some small bad points. I’m kind of mad that Kendra kissed Ray, especially after last weeks, “I can’t have another relationship right now” speech. To be fair, this was more natural than last weeks endeavors, but still, it felt a little weird. Also, I wish we learned more about why Rip was “feared” at one time. Especially if the Time Masters were supposed to be neutral, and what Rip is doing is unprecedented.

“Marooned” may have had a simple storyline, but it worked in many ways. Especially in the character stories. Some were heroes, some revealed themselves to be true villains, and now, the dynamic is changed once again. Savage will be back into the fold next week, let’s see how this plays out.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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