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Will Marvel Kill Wolverine in 2014?

February 17th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 2 Comments

I want to start this by saying that Wolverine is one of my favorite characters ever. I don’t know when exactly it happened, maybe with the casting of Hugh Jackman, but Wolverine has become one of Marvel’s most over saturated characters, essentially Marvel’s Batman. He’s in multiple books, on numerous rosters, even going so far as to run the Jean Grey school as its headmaster. What ever happened to loose cannon, loner Wolverine?

According to Bleeding Cool there is a rumor out of Marvel’s legendary Creative Summit, that they plan to kill Wolverine in 2014. Apparently, it will be handled in a way which “gets around his healing factor and his seems supernatural deal to keep coming back from the grave.” They go on to explain that Logan’s involvement in Age of Ultron which will see him traveling back in time, perhaps to recreate the Marvel Universe. This will have some sort of effect on his body and that “even given his reputation as a bloodthirsty killer, this time he may have gone too far…”

Also worthy of mention, in an interview with Comic Book Resources, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso had this about a possible return of Wolverine’s son, Daken. “Daken’s name came up during our most recent Marvel creative retreat, but what that means, I’m afraid it’s too early to reveal to you at this juncture!”

Who better to take his place than his own son? A huge storyline like this in 2014 would certainly make sense, given that Hugh Jackman’s live-action Wolverine is set to have a large role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Which also features the aforementioned time travel. It’s only rumor at this point, but big things have small beginnings.

How do you guys feel about the possibility of Marvel killing off perhaps their most popular character ever, who seemingly can’t die? ( if you choose Spider-Man as their most popular, they killed him too)

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