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20th Century Fox Going Ahead With Independence Day Sequel

November 27th, 2014 by Derek Robertson Comments

movie-news-banner-copyIndependence Day

It appears that the long-awaited sequel to Independence Day – which has been in the pipeline for a while now – has finally been given the green light by Twentieth Century Fox, who have now scheduled  a release date for June 24th, 2016. So, if all goes to plan,  it looks like sequel will be released exactly 20 years after the original (…man, that makes us feel old).

Roland Emmerich – who directed and co-wrote the first movie – looks set to return, with Deadline reporting he is close to signing a deal, with plans to start production in early May next year. Since the initial announced of a sequel a while back there have been casting rumours that Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum – whom have both been quite as of late – looked set to return to the franchise. It has now been confirmed that Will Smith will not be back for the sequel, however there has been no word on Goldblum, but chances look pretty slim. Casting will begin once Emmerich has signed on.

The studio has given the green light to one film, with hopes to proceed with a second and third. However, this will largely depend on how successful each installment is.

Carter Blanchard – who penned the short-lived G vs E –  has worked on the script, which was initially scribed by Emmerich and Dean Delvin (the team behind the first move), with a subsequent rewrite from James Vanderbilt. Emmerich and Delvin are set to executive produce, with Harlald Kloser producing also.

The first film bagged a whopping $817.4 million worldwide when it was released back on July 3rd, 1996, and it was a special effects extravaganza back in the day (…that makes us feel really old!). We will keep you posted on updates and feel free to mouth off in the comments section below, or you can take to our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Source: Deadline


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