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30 Saddest Moments in TV 30-21

October 10th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

 There is something to be said about television, it can bring out all sorts of emotions. Considering that the average TV show runs around 5 seasons and 15 episodes a season that is around 75 hours or so of time to spend getting to know the characters.
This can lead to heartbreaking consequences especially when a character passes away, it brings out all our anger, hatred and sadness all at once.
We here at FTN wanted to put together a list of ourtop 30 saddest moments in TV history (expelling reality TV and Soaps) and we did so with the help of our friends on Facebook.

warning there are spoilers ahead be wary!!!!!!!

Here is number 30-21

30. End of Deep Space 9 (Deep Space 9 S07E25 ‘What You Leave behind’)

What: Arguably the greatest modern Star Trek TV series. It was based on a space station which was at the other end of a warp time rip thing, so was in ‘Deep’ space.
There they met the Cardassians who would go to war against humans in the Dominion War.

The Moment: The last episode sees the end of the two year Dominion war. When it all seems won Captain Sisko lifts a glass and says “To the best crew any captain ever had. This may be the last time we’re all together. But no matter what the future holds, no matter how far we travel, a part of us… a very important part, will always remain here, on Deep Space 9”
Then Vic sings ‘The Way You look Tonight’

Why it’s Sad: It was seven seasons of seeing characters grow, the Dominion wars went on for a very long time and you can see the devastation that is in front of you. You can feel it is the end and it is essentially a closing statement even though there are still a good 20 minutes of run time left.

29. Chucks Dad Dies (Chuck S03E18 ‘Chuck Versus The Subway’)

What: Chuck is a geek who is going nowhere in life when an ex roommate sends him an email that downloads a government database into his head known as the Intersect. From then on he becomes a spy slowly but surely getting better as time goes on and getting pulled further into government conspiracies but all with a smidgen of comedy.

The Moment: Chucks Dad Stephen J Bartowski is shot when Chuck attempts to go up against the rouge agent Daniel Shaw who is attempting to “compromise” Chucks emotions so he can no longer use the intersect to fight.
As he lies there dying knowing his son may soon be dead too he looks at Chuck and smiles saying “You’re special son…. Always remember that”.

Why it’s Sad: Stephen J Bartowski had left the family a long time ago to protect them, he swore never to come back but when he finds out Chuck has an Intersect in his head he has to come out of hiding.
Chuck and his Dad are only just reconnecting and Stephen even tells his son he must run instead of trying to save the day. Chuck is sitting there thinking it is all his fault with his dad close to death. It is a sweet moment, a true father and son moment and your heart breaks for Chuck.

28. Wonder Years End Monologue (The Wonder Years S06E22 ‘Independence Day’)

What: The Wonder Years was a coming of age drama/comedy about a young boy growing up in the late 60’s early 70’s.
The show was famous for having the inner monologue of the main character Kevin Arnold as his 30 something year old self thinking back to those times in his life.

The Moment: It’s the last episode and we have been there through Kevin’s childhood and seen him grow into a man. He has been across the state to win his love Winnie back and succeeded. We find out what happened to all the characters then Kevin has one last inner monologue to himself

Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you’re in diapers, the next day you’re gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a town, a house, like a lot of houses. A yard like a lot of other yards. On a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back…with wonder”.

If that doesn’t get you the next bit where you can hear a little boy asking his Dad to play catch Kevin says “I’ll be right there” showing how much he really has grown up.

Why it’s Sad: Watching The Wonder Years is like watching someone grow up. By the time you get to season 6 you feel like you have been there for every moment that maybe you experienced yourself.
Hearing him talk about his neighborhood could be like him talking about you and your situation. In fact a lot of people can relate to this highly relate-able story.
Then when his kid asks him to play catch it is signifying the start of someone elses tale.
This is one of those rare happy/sad moments.

27. Wesley’s Death (Angel S05E22 ‘Not Fade Away’)

What: Angel was a successful spin off from the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It involved a vampire with a soul starting a supernatural detective agency in LA.

The Moment: In the last episode Wesley battles with the warlock Cyvus Vail who mortally wounds Wesley. In his last moments he lets Illyria the demon take the form of Fred the love he lost. He is finally able to say goodbye to the love of his life before passing away.

Why it’s Sad: Wesley was introduced as an annoying ponce of a man but really grew as the show continued even degenerating into alcoholism at one point. The only thing that he really cared about was Fred and when she died he gave up hope.
He makes one last stand and pays for it, but at least gets to say a goodbye to Fred.
Wesley went from being an annoyance to someone you grew to love which made it all the harder to say goodbye.

26. Opie’s Death (Sons of Anarchy S05E03 ‘Laying Pipe’)

What: Sons of Anarchy is a show about a motorcycle gang and their struggles to continue as things change in and around them.

The Moment: With a few members of the Sons in prison they are offered a chance to survive if one of them fights to the death., as Jax goes to step forward Opie headbutts a guard and is the one selected. He fights the best he can but finally gets bested and beat to death with a lead pipe.

Why it’s Sad: Opie was a tormented character with various atrocities happening to him. He is Jax best friend and an integral character in the gang. Seeing this character we all love being beat to death with a pipe can be too hard to handle, it’s a horrible way to go and its even worse to see his best friend watch on in horror.
not only that but he leaves behind a couple of kids who will probably never understand what happened to their father.

25. The Glasses Break (The Twilight Zone: Original Series S01E08 ‘Time Enough at Last)

What: The Twilight Zone told various different tales of the fantastic every week. This one involves bank worker Henry Bemis who loves books so much he goes into the bank vault every lunch break. One day whilst on break a nuclear war breaks out and everyone dies but he is safe in the vault.

The Moment: Henry now knowing he can read books to his hearts content is never happier, there is no one to bother him and no one to stop him. He says “And the best thing, the very best thing of all, is there’s time now… there’s all the time I need and all the time I want. Time, time, time. There’s time enough at last.” When he bends over to pick up a book his glasses fall from his face smashing. He picks them up knowing he is unable to use them and without them unable to read, he says “ That’s not fair. not fair at all. There was time now. There was, was all the time I needed…

Why it’s Sad: We all wish for things to happen, sometimes wishing we had the perfect job or lots of money but sometimes things don’t go to plan. Henry just wants to read his books without anyone bothering him. Seeing the pain in his face as the Twilight Zone grabs hold of him and messes with his plans is horrible. Not only will he be unable to read but will now be in a world devoid of anything to entertain him. A very sad prospect indeed.

24. Mark Greene’s Death (ER S08E21 ‘On The Beach’

What: ER was a successful medical drama based in Chicago. It revolved around the ER and the lives of the doctors who worked in it.

The Moment: After beating his brain tumour just a year previous the cancer comes back and Mark starts suffering with co-ordination and decides to leave the ER talking his estranged daughter to Hawaii to reconnect before he dies.
Whilst on his death bed he awakes and speaks to his daughter telling her not to cry for him and to be generous with her time. She reminds him of the song he used to sing her to sleep with “Over the Rainbow” she lets him listen and he falls back asleep.
We see him walking through the ER which is empty and then in the morning it turns out he passed away.

Why it’s Sad: Mark was there from the pilot episode and was one of the best characters. When he beats his diagnosis you are really rooting for him but when it comes back you know this is the end.
That last conversation with his daughter is cutting, through slurred speech he is trying to give his daughter some fatherly advice. They finally connect before he falls asleep. We can at least take comfort that it seemed to be a painless method of passing away.

23. Connor Gavins Sudden Death (Rescue Me S02E12 ‘Happy’)

What: A show about firefighters in New York post 9/11, a sort of comedy with horribly serious moments and based around main character Tommy Gavin.

The Moment: Tommy and his wife Janet are starting to reconnect after being separated a long time. Tommy may find happiness after all when their son who is playing outside on his bike gets run over by a hit and run driver. Tommy tries to save him but it is too late and his son dies in his arms.

Why it’s Sad: Tommy was so close to repairing the holes he had dug for so many years and seemed genuinely happy then this happens, it is so sudden and horrible it rocks everything. Most shows would use this as a last episode but this was mid season. The loss and hurt that Tommy shows is horrible to watch, Connor was just a child and to be killed in such a way tears at your soul.
Tommy’s wife Janet would go on to blame Tommy for the death and it would break their relationship down again.

22. I Got Off The Plane (Friends S10E20 ‘The Last One pt 2’)

What: If you don’t know what Friends is you have been living under a rock forever, it was a hugely successful sitcom based in New York around 6 friends trying to live in the Big Apple.

The Moment: Ross comes home from the airport deflated that he just told Rachel he loves her yet she still got on the plane to Paris. He sits down and hits the button on his answering machine with the first message that comes from Rachel, she tells him that she doesn’t know what to do and that she loves him too, then it dawns on her that she really loves him and attempts to get off the plane then the message cuts off.
Ross is looking intensely at the answering machine and starts shouting “Did she get off the plane? God did she get off the plane?” when Rachels voice comes from the doorway “I got off the plane”.

Why it’s Sad: Well if you were a Friends fan you were probably jumping up and down screaming with tears of joy streaming your face. The couple that were meant to be were finally getting together for good, they had put everything behind them and moving forward. Its such a beautiful moment that its hard not to shed a wee tear of happiness.

21. Bobby Dies (Supernatural S07E10 ‘Deaths Door’)

What: Supernatural is a show about two brother who hunt demons and try to keep our world safe from the darkness.

The Moment: With Bobby lying in a coma after being shot in the head he meets his old friend Rufus and they go through some of Bobby’s memories together. Bobby decides to try and fight out of the coma to give Sam and Dean a message, he is able to scrawl a number and then calls the boys eejits and fades away with a smile.
When he goes back into his head the reaper comes to take him away and tells him this is his last memory, its is of Sam and Dean fighting over movies and popcorn, he tells the reaper “I saved the best for last” when the reaper asks if he will go or stay he decides to stay as a spirit watching over the boys.

Why it’s Sad: After John their real Dad died Bobby became a father figure to Sam and Dean, he was already well on his way there being around them when they were young, taking them hunting and playing catch. He took care of them when John was on a mission of revenge. As the seasons move on they grow closer with Dean telling Bobby several times that he was like a father to him. They have been through so much together and beat everything but this is one thing Bobby can’t beat and has to let go.
You grieve for the boys as they have essentially lost a father for the second time and you can also see how much happiness the boys brought Bobby. A sad moment indeed.



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