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ABC Entertainment chief wants more Marvel

August 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee briefly mentioned ongoing talks about Star Wars TV show projects and wanting more Marvel, at the 2013 Television Critics Association press tour.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee is eager to benefit Disney’s partnerships with Marvel and Star Warscreator George Lucas’ Lucasfilm; Disney acquired Marvel and Lucasfilm last year for $4 billion each.Agents of SHIELD will be the first Marvel property to get the primetime series treatment at ABC. But it doesn’t sound like the last.

“We are loving this relationship [with Marvel],” gushed Lee. “The relationship with Marvel and with other Disney [intellectual property] across the company is something we are ambitious to build. We have lots of little schemes in mind.” No word on any of the details. And he added that development with Lucasfilm may take more time considering the company’s full plate, with a new Star Wars trilogy, the first of which is due in 2015. “We have started conversations with them,” said Lee. “I’d love to go there. I’m a particular fan of Lucasfilm. It’s an amazing world.”

Between the new trilogy and the interspersed stand alone films, Star Wars movies are set to dominate Lucasfilm’s attention for the next six years or so. What role could a TV show have in the new era of Star Wars? Would it be more successful as a tie-in to the sequel era or as a standalone project in another time period entirely? can this mean the return the Star Wars Underworld show? These are just some of the questions that Lee and his peers at Lucasfilm will have to consider.

It’s worth mentioning that ABC and Lucasfilm have collaborated on a TV project before. ABC aired The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles for twenty-four episodes from March 1992 to July 1993..

What do you think about the prospect of more Marvel and Star Wars on TV? It will definitely be a fine line not to saturate the market.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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