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Actors 24 hour Game Stream Begins!

July 23rd, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Pink tie

Irish actor Kris Taylor is a busy man, he regulalry works on Vikings, Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones to name but a few of the projects he’s involved in, he  is also prone to doing crazy things for charity like gaming for 24 hours straight!

After a very successful 24 hour streaming event last year he’s decided to do another one in the short gap he has between shows. This year he is raising funds for Children’s Cancer Charity Aoibheann’s Pink Tie


Kris also works on the big viking picnic charity event.

To encourage donations he will be  giving out random prizes every hour or so to people who donate via the stream page  This years prize list includes:

PRIZES for the Live Stream kindly donated by the companies listed! I count 36 prizes for 24 hours!

Mechwarrior Online
1 Standard Viper Package
1 Collectors Viper Package
10 1 day Premium Day Code
7 Mech Bay Code

5 10 dollar code

3 Elite: Dangerous Games

2000 AD Judge Dredd
1 Sketch by Carlos Ezquerra + Book: The Complete Carlos Ezquerra
1 Poster: Dredd by Ryan Brown

Medlock LARP Weapons (Fake weapons for role playing games for the uninitiated)
1 3 throwing daggers

1 Signed Group Photo
1 Signed Rollo Photo
1 Signed Ragnar Photo
1 Signed Floki Photo
1 Signed Bjorn Photo
1 Signed comic (Sword of Kings)


His current gaming schedule this year looks like this::

12-4pm:  Elite: Dangerous
5-9pm:  Mechwarrior Online
9-11pm Diablo III
11-1am: Witcher III (Playing through the Witching hour!)
1-5am: Mechwarrior online
5-9am: Elite Dangerous
9-11am; Witcher III or MWO
11am-12:Closing of the stream.

Vikings star Moe Dunford has recorded an interview with Kris this morning and that will be played during the stream

Prince Alethelwulf of Wessex

Prince Alethelwulf of Wessex


So if potential prizes, guest stars and some solid gaming for charity tickles your fancy you can see the live stream at silenthunter from 12 today, 23rd July 2016, until 12pm tomorrow, the 24th July 2016. Remember it’s all for a good cause.



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