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Amazon and Prime are now taking on the sports world

September 20th, 2022 by Clark Kent Comments

In recent years, Amazon has been on a tear, expanding its reach into new markets and industries. The e-commerce giant is now taking aim at the sports world with the launch of its own sports show, “All or Nothing.”, as well as providing a ton of live sport coverage to various markets all over the world. Not contempt with new hits like the latest incarnation of the Lord Of The Rings saga, Amazon wants more of the sports pie in a big way.

The “All or Nothing” show will feature different sports stories from around the world. Viewers will be able to see how teams prepare for games, what goes on behind the scenes, and what it takes to be a professional athlete. Additionally, Prime has recently managed to add the NFL to its portfolio of shows, with the e-commerce giants now providing Americans with Thursday Night Football exclusively on their platform.

However, it is not just there where Amazon has decided to try and enter the sports world, with the company also partnering up with DraftKings and using the odds provided by the sportsbook. This will help to add an extra layer of excitement for viewers, especially when they are also able to access the latest DraftKings Sportsbook Promo Code where they can get a $1000 free bet when they utilize the offer made available. With this offer, users can bet on their favorite teams and players without risk, perhaps when they are watching Thursday Night Football.

Why Amazon is Entering the Sports World

Amazon has been a disruptor in many industries, and it looks like the company is looking to do the same in the sports world. Clearly, there are several reasons why Amazon is entering the sports market and it makes perfect sense for the e-commerce giant to do so as they look to diversify and expand its operations even further.

Firstly, there is a lot of money to be made in sports. In 2022, the global sports market was worth $501.43 billion. Indeed, it would be rather easy to assume that that figure would only be expected to grow in the coming years, especially as the sports industry appears to be invincible when it comes to the economy. Second, Amazon already has a large user base that it can tap into. The company has over 200 million Prime subscribers worldwide according to figures to have been released in 2022 and, again, it would not be a surprise if this were to increase further in the future, too, especially as they continue to diversify their portfolio of products and services being offered.

By launching its own sports show, Amazon will be able to bring in additional revenue and expand its user base even further. Moreover, with the partnership of DraftKings and utilizing their odds, there is every chance that the two companies could achieve a huge amount of success, especially as sports betting continues to be legalized and Prime now hosts one of America’s favorite sports.

What This Means for Sports Fans

For sports fans, this is good news. With Amazon’s entry into the market, there will be more competition and innovation in the industry. This could lead to better products and services for consumers.

There will have been some sports fans that will have been disappointed by the Thursday Night Football deal because they would require to take out a Prime subscription if they needed one in order to watch the NFL, although fans will typically pay what they need to in order to watch their favorite team if they are being broadcasted on a Thursday night.


It is clear to see that Amazon and Prime are making a huge push into the sports world with a variety of different TV Shows – new and old – as well as the capture of live sports from around the world. This, though, should only be considered to be the beginning, as it will not be a surprise if the e-commerce giant were to try and add further sports events to its bow and look to dominate the sports market entirely.

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