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And the first Doctor confirmed as NOT returning for the 50th is…

April 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

The BBC have today released a statement that is sure to disappoint Doctor Who fans everywhere.

Given the reveal of David Tennant’s return to the show, anticipation was high that the other Doctors would follow suit but they have said that Christopher Eccleston will not be appearing in the special.

They said he had a couple of meetings with show runner, Stephen Moffat but in the end he decided to decline the invitation to appear as the ninth Doctor. Many credit the show’s new found success to Eccleston who took the role of the ninth Doctor, when Russell T Davies relaunched the show back in 2005 and he proved an instant hit with his portrayal of the iconic character. He departed after only one season for reasons that are still not clear.

He vowed never to return for the show but it was speculated he might just be swayed. However, it seems now we won’t have another chance to revisit his Doctor. If he does appear it will most likely be through technical trickery. This news is disappointing on many fronts but time will tell…

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