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Are the cogs finally in place for a Gears of War movie?

April 30th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

After years stuck in development, the video game franchise Gears of War may finally be making some progress toward the big screen. The series created by Epic Games and published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 and PC, tells of a long conflict between humans and aliens called the Locust that come from within the planet. Set on the fictional planet Sera, the story features energy conflict, family issues, loyalty, betrayal, combat, and an overall theme of brothers in arms.

Gearsof war was originally in development in 2007 when New Line picked up the rights, but never went very far, due to creative disagreements between Epic and New Line over how to bring the story to the screen. The rights went back to Epic at one point, and the company has been slowly trying to pick producers as possible partners for the past six months.

Variety reports that producer Scott Stuber (Ted, Identity Thief, Safe House) has won the rights, and will develop a film alongside Epic. So far no talent has been attached to either  write, star , or even distribute yet, but Stuber does have a first look deal with Universal. Stuber and Epic are both reportedly taking the project out to studios.

With four games in the series already and novels and comics, there’s no shortage of inspiration to draw from for the film. We’d guess that the film will revolve around lead character Marcus Fenix, and that it would loosely follow the events of the first game. That would be the easiest route for the movie as the events of the other games could be used to map out a trilogy.

I hope this gets done I’ve been a huge fan since day one! Who would you cast as Delta Squad in a Gears of war movie?


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