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Are we getting a sequel to Hot Fuzz?

June 9th, 2017 by bash Comments

During promotion work for his new film Baby Driver, Edger Wright has said he’d be open to making a sequel to Hot Fuzz.

When Movieweb quizzed him as to whether it could be his next venture, the director wouldn’t confirm or deny the possibility.

I’ve definitely had some ideas and me and Simon have even talked about it at points, but it’s that thing of, do I want to spend three years of my life doing that? Or do I want to, if I have the opportunity to tell a new story, would I do that?, he said.

“If somebody said to me, if Baby Driver 2, if that kind of came up, it would be like, ‘I have ideas’. I would never say never, and you’re not wrong to say that that’s the one that you could do further installments.”

So there you go. Would any of you be interested in a Hot Fuzz sequel? As ever, let us know.

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