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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: Henry Cavill confirms there is no movie split

January 11th, 2015 by Derek Robertson Comments

movie-news-banner-copyHenry Cavill

The internet went into overdrive at the beginning of the weekend when rumours started flying around that Warner Bros. was planning to split Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice into two movies. This was due to a “supposedly” leaked screenshot displaying two individually titled parts:‘Batman v Superman’: ‘Enter the Knight’ and ‘Dawn of Justice.’, each displaying release dates, with the first part apparently hitting the big-screen in October this year.

The screenshot looked rather suspicious, with the web address at the bottom blurred out. Subsequently, this made it difficult to read if the URL was, in fact, the official website for the film or not. The general consensus seemed to be that the web address was most likely a link to an unofficial fansite.

Now, the rumours can be put to rest, as the man of steel, Henry Cavill  told Ramin Setoodeh (Variety’s New York Film Editor) that the film will not be split in two, officially debunking all the rumours that were flying around the past couple of days.

It wasn’t long before Setoodeh – who spoke with Cavill at a BAFTA Tea party – took to Twitter to spread the news to the fans. In the tweets it is revealed that Cavill thinks Ben Affleck makes a “great” Batman, and that he wasn’t injured fighting Ben Affleck’s Batman on set, claiming that he is “the man of steel.”

You can check out the tweets below:

It’s easy to see how some people could have been misled by the screenshot, as splitting Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice into two parts would seem like a logistical thing to do, considering all the additional superheroes that have been added to Zack Snyder’s film. It seems less like a Batman V Superman movie, and more like a Justice League prequel which is rather unfortunate. Hopefully Snyder will be able to balance the film out: managing to make all the characters appear in the movie as natural as possible.

However, Snyder managed to do a tremendous job with Alan Moore’s Watchmen, adapting the movie from a graphic novel that was deemed unfilmable, nevermind filming it as one movie. So the guys managed this kind of thing before.

Are you happy that the film is not going to be split into two parts (even if that means waiting over a year to see it)?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters in March 2016.


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