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BREAKING NEWS – Loka – The World of Fantasy Chess

February 19th, 2013 by Mad Dave Comments

Yes Mantic and the genius that is Alessio Cavatore have teamed up on an all new fantasy chess game called LOKA.

Alissio stated on his facebook yesterday,

“And so it goes public…
Loka is the next River Horse product, the end of several ears of development. Mantic will take care of the manufacturing and selling/distribution.
Yes, this is the first time some of MY OWN MODELS go online for the public to see…
Very exciting! Very scary!”

Below is Mantic’s announcement.

Bit of exciting news for you today that we just couldn’t wait to tell you about!

We are pleased to be working with Alessio Cavatore on River Horse’s new game – Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess, coming soon!

The Queen of the Air Army
Loka is a new fantasy chess-wargame with elemental chess armies, fantastical terrain and a simple combat system to resolve the fights between the pieces based on mutual support and rolling polyhedral dice.

River Horse has designed the game, from the rules to the fantasy chess sets based on the four elements: Air/Wind, Earth/Wood, Fire/Lava and Water/Ice, sculpted by Wojchiek Flis. These figures are designed for plastic production and are clearly identifiable as the Chess Pieces they represent.

A Pawn of the Earth Army

Mantic Games will be publishing the game, handling all of the manufacturing and distribution leaving the Mantic Design Studio free to complete the Kings of War and DreadBall Kickstarter models.More on Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess will be revealed later this week – don’t miss it!

And just in the Bishop for Loka.

And the box art.

We will be keeping a close eye on this one it looks fantasytastic.

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