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David Weber’s Honor Harrington getting a big screen adaptation titled Tales of Honor

January 16th, 2014 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Evergreen Studios announced plans to bring David Weber’s literary science fiction character, Honor Harrington, to the big screen. Tales of Honor is the name of their expansive plans for a multi-platform adaptation, comic books, digital games, webisodes, a television series and a feature film, are all in development. The picture above is a teaser image.

Tales of Honor follows the life and times of Harrington, a brilliant genetically engineered female spaceship captain, as she heroically leads her crew through a series of epic political, military, and personal adventures. The story is set two millennia into the future in an age where hyperspace travel has allowed colonization of the universe’s most far reaches, and humanity is largely gender blind.

The character appeared in at least twenty-eight books, which will serve as content for various storylines, and the tone is said to be gritty and heavily grounded in real science

Scott Kroopf, Chief Creative Officer Evergreen Studios:

“What makes these stories different is their female protagonist’s unique narrative perspective and just how grounded and believable they are. By creating a futuristic society that is largely gender blind; we are able to explore the issues of female leadership in the military that are both ground-breaking and especially resonant for today’s audience. Weber’s storyworld is so cool because it’s based in real science, which gives it a feeling of authenticity. Tales of Honor is to Science Fiction what Jason Bourne is to spy movies: realistic, gritty, and action-packed.”

A monthly comic will launch on March 5th, 2014 through Top Cow. The first mobile game, Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet, will be available on iOS and Android and releases in March.

Source: SuperHeroHype



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