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Update: Del Toro speaks about his Justice League Dark movie

April 1st, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

During a panel for Pacific Rim, director Guillermo Del Toro spoke a bit about his upcoming anti superhero movie Dark Universe (which may end up being called Justice League Dark ), which features some of DC’s darker heroes.

The director says the main character will be a blond John Constantine (probably to differentiate him from Keanu Reeves’ take). Rounding out the cast will be Swamp Thing, Deadman, Jason Blood and Etrigan the Demon, the Spectre and Zatanna.

Del Toro revealed that the film won’t be a typical origin story, because each character will already be established, but elements of their backstory will come to light during the course of the movie:

“[John Constantine] is basically trying to recruit these guys,” del Toro told the audience. “On Etrigan, I’m using Jason Blood in the time of Merlin. We get to their origins through their story we don’t start with the origin story at the top. We find out that they each have a mystery to solve. Swamp Thing is at peace with who he is, but Deadman needs to figure out who shot him. It’s all woven in. Growing up, my two favorite characters were Etrigan and Swamp Thing, so I’m in heaven.”

Del Toro said they have finished the “bible” for the movie and hope to start the screenplay soon with a writer who he can’t reveal. There is no release date yet as Dark Universe will not be del Toro’s next film, he plans to do Crimson Peak after Pacific Rim is done. The director and Warner Bros. have been talking about the project since before the success of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. It seems odd to me  that a Justice League Dark film seems to moving along faster than the Justice League one, but I think Del Toro is the perfect man for the job.

Once again it shows that it pays to have a movie maker that understands and loves the source material.

UPDATE: Guillermo Del Toro has just confirmed today, April 1st, that Floronic Man will also be part of the team







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