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Disney’s Lucasfilm registers domains for unknown Star Wars project: Attack Squadron

July 29th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Earlier this year, Disney and Lucasfilm signed an agreement with Electronic Arts to produce new Star Wars video games. The first of these games to be announced is Star Wars: Battlefront, which is currently in development for an unspecified release date. Multiple domains were registered a few months ago as well for unspecified projects, most are presumably video games, but Star Wars Rebels which we now know is an animated show was among them.

Now, Fusible brings to our attention that Disney’s Lucasfilm has registered the following list of domains, all of which point to the name “Attack Squadron”. Again, it’s unknown if this is for a movie, video game, or something else but it does have a video game sound to it doesn’t it? Maybe there will be a game made go along  with it if it is something else.

 They also note:

 “And it may be nothing more than a coincidence, but EA is the registrant of  and, which do not resolve to a web page.

For now, it will have to remain speculation, though considering the number of domains that were registered, Disney seems very interested in protecting this intellectual property.”

Source: Fusible

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