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Don Cheadle talks a possible War Machine movie?

April 27th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

War Machine is now Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3. I’m not sure what that means for the chatacter going forward. If Rhodey ever got a solo film would it be a War Machine movie or an Iron Patriot movie?  Well either way, it would involve Don Cheadle playing the lead as Rhodey, and i think he could make it happen.

Cheadle was recently a guest on Empire Magazine’s podcast. During the podcast, the subject of a possible War Machine solo movie came up. He revealed that it has been discussed and offers some hints on where they might take it.

“When we have talked about the [War Machine] spin-off, what the departure point might be for War Machine… [we’ve discussed that] it might be when he goes rogue, so to speak, and takes a mission that he believes he is morally responsible for but is against policy and does it anyway. What happens when he’s out there and he’s been dishonorably discharged but he still has the suit, or Tony makes him another suit?

And now he’s out there on his own too, but even worse than Tony, because now he’s a fugitive. Because if we wanted to do it, I think the best way to do it would be go darker, to take it and make it even more visceral. Sort of close to the first Iron Man, how it began. Really visceral and really realistic.”

Darker and more visceral I like the sound of that. I think a War Machine movie would be a great idea. I even think he would be a possible candidate, to lead or at least be a part of, another Avengers team. I’m thinking something along the lines of Secret Avengers. While the Avengers do everything on the up and up, the Secret Avengers would handle more underground stealth type missions.

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