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Entertainment for Housewives and Those With a Homebound Lifestyle

April 7th, 2021 by Kate Richards Comments

It can be challenging to find new and stimulating activities as a housewife or homebound person. Luckily, we have the internet at our fingertips. There are a plethora of entertaining and even lucrative opportunities available from the comfort of your home. 

If you are looking for a new form of entertainment, we recommend you play online casino. Sites like have expert contributors like Kate Richards. With top-notch contributors, you can be sure you are finding the best and most trustworthy operators for online games.

Casinos are classy and thrilling environments filled with high risks and potential for high rewards. Due to various reasons, many are unable to visit land-based casinos. Luckily, the emergence of successful online casinos opens up the doors for those bound to their homes.

Some women may not feel comfortable in an aggressive, male-dominated land-based casino. Online casinos have become a favorite amongst homemakers and homebound individuals.

Women Gamblers

Traditional images of gamblers depict classy men at the tables with beautiful women at their side. In modern times, we know that women are fully capable of excelling at casino games. With the added benefits of online operators, it’s easy to find a casino for women.

Gender Bias

At land-based casinos, women may suffer at the expense of gender bias. Underestimating opponents may sometimes work in women’s favor, but it is still unpleasant to be met with judgemental eyes. One of the many benefits of online gambling is anonymity. Playing from your computer includes a certain level of protection. There’s no way for your opponents to know your gender. 

Immerse Yourself In New Experience

Being a housewife or homebound individual can be challenging. The same daily routine can become monotonous and depressing. Trying new things and having stimulating experiences is crucial to mental wellbeing, especially when you’re at home all day. With the plethora of online operators, there are plenty of options for casinos for homebound people.

Casino Slots

We recommend looking through online casino slot games and finding options with themes that are exhilarating to you. If you’re new to slot games, we recommend starting with low volatility games with RTPs higher than 95%. These options are of low risk and won’t deplete your budget. Some popular online casino slots for women include:

  • Cleopatra casino slot from IGT features five reels and 20 pay lines. With Cleopatra as the leading lady and the wild symbol, women find the game exciting and fun. The Cleopatra slot bonus feature includes up to 180 free spins and a 3x multiplier for lucrative wins.
  • Another Cleopatra-themed game is Queen of Riches from Big Time Gaming. The Ancient Egyptian-themed slot features multipliers, stacked wilds, and multipliers. With maximum wins of 20,000x your stake, the casino slot is alluring and lucrative.
  • Moon Princess casino slot from Play’n Go is a high variance game with opportunities for big wins. With the Girl Power bonus feature, Moon Princess embraces feminine power. The prominent female motif of the slot makes it very popular amongst women. 

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are also incredibly exhilarating and engaging. With live dealer games, you get the experience of playing at a land-based casino from the comfort of your home. If you like poker, baccarat, roulette, or blackjack, live dealer games are a fantastic option.

With technological advancements in streaming and graphics, live dealer games are immersive and realistic. The high-quality table games make it an excellent option for homemakers and homebound individuals. It’s a great way to escape the mundane routine because of the immersive qualities and take part in something exciting and thrilling.

Exclusive Offers For Women

Due to female gamblers’ emergence at online casinos, some operators offer specific deals targeted towards women. If you are a housewife looking to get into online gambling, we recommend researching casinos that offer welcome offers and promotions for women. Many of these promotions circulate on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Some casinos develop their aesthetics and design to attract female players. The LuckyNiki online casino is one of the most popular homebound casinos for women. Another way online casinos attract women to live dealer games is through using male dealers at the table.


Whether you’re homebound due to health reasons, COVID-19, or because you are a housewife, being stuck at home can get incredibly mundane. With the added time at home from the pandemic, we’re all experiencing a bit of stir-craziness and cabin fever. Due to lockdowns and quarantines, online gambling is on the rise. GlobeNewswire covers just how much the online casino industry has grown in the past year. 

There are many reasons why we cannot go out and experience thrilling situations. Regardless, we have an excellent avenue of online casino games to bring excitement to our lives. Online casinos offer a wide variety of fun games. Many operators have diverse categories stacked with different games. 

With the rising popularity of online gambling, themes and graphics for all game types are improving and diversifying. It doesn’t matter what holds you back from playing in person. There are plenty of options for you to experience entertaining fun from the comfort of your home.

Author’s bio: Kate Richards is a highly devoted professional in marketing, specializing in event marketing, public relations, and the gambling industry. Kate is passionate about her work because she loves what she is doing. Kate has a steady source of motivation that drives her to do her best.