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Frozen had a darker ending in the original script

April 3rd, 2017 by bash Comments

An early version of Frozen had a different and darker ending than the one we eventually saw on screen.

In an interview with The Nerdist, producer Peter Vel Decho revealed that an earlier version of the film did not have Anna and Elsa as sisters and that the latter even went crazy evil after being jilted at the altar.

Vel Decho also confirmed that Elsa did not have any redemptive moments throughout the script until the very end when she had a sudden change of heart and saved everyone from a destructive avalanche that was set off by Hans.

With even the screenwriters not believing that twist, it led Disney to reevaluate the characters’ relationships and that led to the film we eventually saw on the big screen.

Meanwhile, Del Vecho confirmed that a sequel was currently in the works.

Speaking to The EW, he said the original Disney team were “working hard on it“.

We’re in the development writing process and are very excited by it. Like all movies, it will evolve,” he continued.

Now that we’ve been involved in it for awhile, what’s exciting is it feels like it builds on the first movie. You understand things better in the first movie after you’ve seen the sequel.”

Frozen 2 has no release date yet but is expected to arrive sometime after 2019. Kristen Bell (Anna) and Idina Menzel (Elsa) are expected to return along with Josh Gad (Olaf).

Source: EW

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