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FTN reviews MCM Comic Con Belfast

June 9th, 2014 by Big Phil 2 Comments

Greetings fellow Nerds and Nerdettes and what a weekend we at FTN have had! We spent the two days at Belfast’s first ever Comic Con and I think it’s fair to say that it was an amazing success!

The Kings Hall, Belfast – true it may have been a tad warm on the Saturday – was packed both days with fans of film and television, gamers of all description and perhaps, most colourful of all, the Cosplayers!

The Cosplayers, from the youngest pair of eyes to those who were quite believably reliving their youth, turned out in their droves to support this event and culminated in The Masquerade Ball which took place on the Sunday (the entire seating area was so packed that there were queues at multiple exits trying to get a glimpse of their Cosplayers!).

FTN's Saxon rocking it as Iron Man

The guests all attended, thankfully there were no last minute cancellations, with fans eagerly waiting patiently in line to obtain autographs and photographs from those in attendance. Great news for our FTN fans as I was able to grab a quick interview with Hattie Hayridge (Holly from Red Dwarf) and Richard Herd (Cmdr John from the original V series and Admr. Paris from Star Trek Voyager), so stay tuned for these!

The Artists’ Gallery was packed with comic fans picking up little snippets of encouragement from the Comic Book artists who were on hand, or perhaps some were just resting on the few seats available from their busy day at the con.

It was also a gamers delight due to the multiple locations of playable games, computer, console and card games, all happening at the same time. There were multiple queues for eager fans to sample some of the soon to be released games on the PS4 and also PC, whilst the card gamers had their own little area where multiple tournaments took place.

The main talk area certainly kept those entertained throughout the weekend with a full schedule of talks, banter and cheers for the various guests that took to the stage. A wonderful addition too were the screenings of various big budget box office trailers that were constantly being shown to remind everyone of the big hitters that will be in the cinemas in the coming weeks!

All in all, Belfast’s first ever Comic Con has been a tremendous success for both fans and organisers with a packed venue on both days. With tired eyes and sore feet but still smiling as they went home, the fans, Cosplayers and fellow Con-ners had a brilliant time and we really can’t wait for the event to happen again next year!



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