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Guillermo del Toro updates us on his many projects including JL Dark and the Hulk TV show that never was

July 6th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

While talking with MTV to promote Pacific Rim, director Guillermo del Toro updates us the status of Justice League Dark (yes that’s what I’m calling it), and his many other projects. He mentions The Strain, Crimson Peak and Beauty and The Beast. The most interesting part to me is when he was asked whether the success of Man of Steel has any bearing on what he plans to do with JL Dark:

“The great thing about the ‘Dark Universe’ is that you have this possibility of creating a supernatural group and you can play by different rules but I would love to see the DC Universe become as cohesive as the Marvel Film Universe. So if there’s any correlation, I will honor it.”

He also says the Hulk TV show:

“Kind of just faded away.”

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