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Harrison Ford suggests that Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark wouldn’t have been the same today

August 13th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

As the internet is still nerd raging about the lack of Star Wars: Episode VII at D23 (myself included), Harrison Ford recently talked to The New York Times about his movie Paranoia, and brings up days gone by.  Ford suggested that if Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark had debuted in the kind of genre-aware, internet aware, pop culture of today:

“everyone would be ahead of it, and everyone would know what it was, and it would be no fun at all.”

He didn’t stop there though, Ford described Comic-Con as:

 “another form of engagement” that is “based on the partnerships between the fans and the service providers, the entities — I won’t necessarily call them filmmakers — that supply the film product that supports their particular interest, whether it’s vampires or science-fiction fantasies or Transformers or whatever is going on.”

Transformers, I guess that was a little dig at Shia LaBeouf. Most likely payback for Shia’s negative comments about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

But before his rant was done he wanted to blame fans as well:

“People still went to the movies in those days,” he said about the era of Star Wars. “People went to movie theaters. It was a community experience, and that was part of the fun. Now people see a movie on their iPad, alone, with interruptions for snacks.”

While he does have some good points, keeping Vader’s identity a secret nowadays would be nearly impossible, a lot of the blame must fall on studios as well. His own movie Paranoia, gives away entirely too much plot in the first trailer that was released. Times have changed that much is true, but think how many people are getting shots now because of YouTube videos they’ve made. If it wasn’t for fandom would they even be trying to bring Han Solo back?

I still think people that spent money to go to Disney’s D23 could have been given something, look at all that Marvel released.

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