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Here’s Some Of The Geeky Things That People Have Been Doing During Quarantine

July 21st, 2020 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Who would have thought that a pandemic would turn us all into geeks? The whole world is indoors, prohibited from leaving the house to do either organized sports or go out to nightclubs. Everything is now done online. Dating using Hinge (or even Zoom for those that want to take it a step further) has become the new norm, while the recent release of Disney+ has had everyone reliving their childhood on the small screen. Even video game stocks are soaring.

Let’s face it: if you weren’t already a geek, you are one now.

With everyone leading two separate lives – one real, one virtual – people are looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained online. From everything from unconventional online classes, to the release of new video games by Nintendo, here’s some of the geeky things that people have been doing from inside their home:

Unconventional Online Classes

Since the coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to any and all teaching classes at colleges and universities, everything has been put online. And we mean everything. With just a click of a button, you can enroll in online classes teaching you how to make furniture, the sophisticated art of being a clown, and even the science behind happiness. Indeed, the course from Yale University entitled ‘The Science of Well Being’ has seen a 295% increase in its enrolment numbers in the most recent months.

On the whole, google searches for online classes has skyrocketed, largely down to those who can’t seem to sit still in quarantine and are looking for something productive to keep occupied. For those who couldn’t face going back to school, many even took a wander around the virtual façades of the Louvre in Paris – art geeks are a whole other species.

And many have been thinking about life after the pandemic and how they can say thank you to those who put themselves in the eye of the coronavirus hurricane. In the UK, the NHS Health Careers website has seen a 220% rise in interest in training to be a nurse. While in the U.S, universities are offering accelerated nursing programs for those who want to give back. The post-baccalaureate accelerated BSN program at Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing combines online courses, clinical and lab experiences, and hybrid interactive learning courses, to offer an intensive full-time program. This program is currently designed for those students living in Texas, but outside the DFW metro area. If you’re interested, the next upcoming start date is January 11, 2021 and Baylor is now accepting applications.

New Video Game Experiences

The astronomical soaring of video game stocks went hand in hand with one of the biggest launches of the year: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This newest addition from the Animal Crossing franchise has seen many turn to their cozy little life simulator inside their Nintendo Switch, for comfort during quarantine.

New Horizons is the fifth game in the series and takes place on a deserted island, placing you – a human character with customizable features – on the island with apple trees, a starter tent, and even animal neighbors. Unlike other video games, there is no specific objective of New Horizons. Much like what is happening in the outside world, you simply just have to exist.

Many gamers have found solace in the game which allows you to visit the other islands of your friends, provided that you are both connected to the same WIFI – a problem that Nintendo probably didn’t even see coming with the current quarantine regulations. This new kind of social interaction has helped many struggling to create new friendships, and distract themselves from the outside world for a few hours (or more realistically, half a day).

This new love for exploring the outdoors while staying indoors isn’t likely to let up anytime soon. On July 3, ‘Wave 1’ of the New Horizons’ summer update will become available which will allow players to dive and swim in the ocean around their islands. Who says we need a summer vacation anyway?

Rise of Virtual Conventions

As the pandemic sees major events cancelled like the Cannes Film Festival, Eurovision Song Contest, and even the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, many have been more upset about the cancelation of conventions. Conventions are the lifeblood of many fandoms which see a host of different people from around the world unite with one thing in common: expanded fictional universes. You can’t deny that the cancelation of the Stars Wars Celebration didn’t break your heart.

But all hope is not lost. With the cancelation of all conventions on the ground, there has been a rise in virtual conventions seeking to emulate the exact feel of their real-life counterpart. Although they might not be the same, they’re definitely the next best thing.

Pokémon Go is getting ready for its fourth anniversary this year by releasing new creatures all in the lead up to the game’s ticketed virtual Go Fest 2020 event in July. For the first time, Unova species Ducklett and Petilil will become available, alongside Flying Pikachu (held afloat via balloons), plus Shiny versions of Pidove and Bellsprout.

So how will it work? Weekly Timed Research challenges will unlock bonuses for ticket holders to Go Fest 2020, with the event calendar set to begin on Friday, 3rd July. Go Fest 2020 itself will be held on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July and will be entirely virtual which means anyone can attend from any part of the world.

In the lead up to the main event, a new story within Pokémon Go will be told to all and then continue for ticket holders through the game itself, as well as via social media on the event weekend. There will be new challenge-based gameplay on top of new social features. And that’s not all. A new system has been designed to emulate the physical event’s various biomes – crazy, we know. Of course, like always, there will also be a Mythical Pokémon to catch.

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