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Inhumans Movie Going Forward?

August 12th, 2014 by Todd Black 2 Comments

It’s not hard to say that Marvel is on a roll. Just this year, they’ve released three movies, all of which were successes. With Guardians of the Galaxy, they showed they could take an unknown property and make it a worldwide hit. Now, if reports are true, they’re going to try and do it again.

The long rumored Inhumans movie is apparently going forward production wise. With a script apparently already penned by Joe Robert Cole.

For those who don’t know who the Inhumans are. They are a group of humans that were experimented on by aliens known  as the Kree (who we met in Guardians of the Galaxy). They abandoned the experiment and the Inhumans on their own. Instead of falling apart though, the Inhumans thrived, became quite powerful and intelligent and were able to move their society to the moon. Also, through their own studies they were able to gain superpower through an element known as the Terrigen Mists.

Their leader (most of the time) is Black Bolt. His family rules over the Inhumans. For many years they lived in isolation on the moon, however, they have helped the Earth every now and then. So much so that several Inhumans have been a part of the Fanastic Four and Avengers.

To be clear, no director has been attached to the movie, at this point, the script is apparently being shopped around to filmmakers. Though if a certain tweet by Vin Diesel is correct, it may already have one of its stars… here

We’ll be sure to keep on this, and the moment news breaks, we’ll be here to report it!

Source: Collider

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