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Is a sequel to The Monster Squad on the way?

August 17th, 2016 by bash Comments



Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has said he’d be open to the idea of making a sequel to the 1980s cult movie The Monster Squad.

In an interview with IGN, the one time Predator actor, who also co-wrote the script to the original The Monster Squad with director Fred Dekker, said the movie would be set 30 years later – just like in real time.

The cult surprised [me]” he said. “I didn’t even realise it had been successful. I loved it, I had fun working on it and it was one of the first things I’d ever written. And it wasn’t just that it wasn’t a hit – it was a huge failure. No one saw it. I don’t know how on earth it caught on years later.

It would be interesting to have two movies – one The Monster Squad, and one The Monster Squad and they’re 30 years apart and so are the kids; the characters have aged,” Black added. “As long as people understood that’s what we’re doing, I think that could be fun. That’s a good idea.

The original The Monster Squad dealt with a group of kids who were the last line of defense against an incursion of monsters – they battled a super-team of mummies, vampires etc, all while trying to protect Frankenstein’s monster, who was actually a good guy.

If you haven’t seen it then definitely check it out. It’s one of my favourite 80s movies in the vain of The Goonies, Explorers etc.

Source: IGN

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