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Kickstarter News: Dracula Rising!

November 12th, 2014 by Legendgerry Comments

The Dracula Dossier is storming up the Kickstarter charts,  not only did it fund almost immediately after launch, it’s currently tearing through it’s stretch goals at a ferocious rate. Legendgerry has a look.

The Dracula Dossier is an intriguing project from the folks at Pelgrane Press.  A Kickstarter for not one but two books, one Dracula Unredacted, reveals that Bram Stokers Dracula was in fact a heavily redacted after action report of an attempt to recruit Dracula to work as an intelligence asset written by Kenneth Hite

The second, is The Directors Handbook written (mainly) by renowned Irish RPG writer Gareth Ryder Hanrahan, which is a Nights Black Agents roleplaying game setting expanding on what’s in the book, It gives a game master everything they need to run a game set in the Victorian era into the present day if  they wish.

They could even run a heritage campaign where having completed a game in the Victorian era the next game could be that players offspring taking up the mantle to do battle with Dracula at the turn of the century and so on.

As the Kickstarter campaign has trundled through it’s stretch goals at a ferocious rate, currently it’s on its 16th, I asked Mr. Hanrahan (on twitter) if they were running out of stretch goals yet to which he responded:

“To quote Van Helsing: “[Dracula] can grow and become small; he can appear at will when, and where, and in any form…” So no :)”

Frankly this is the best idea I’ve seen on Kickstarter since Collar Perfect. It’s already funded and I’ll vouch for the Pelgrane guys abilities to deliver any time. If you like a good story or a good roleplaying game get in on this while you can.

Check it out below:


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