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Marvel unveils new Storm ongoing series

April 28th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Marvel revealed today via USA Today that there’s a new new Storm ongoing series on the horizon. Coming to us this July from the creative team of Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez. Apparently, it wll see Ororo Munroe heading off a a proactive peacekeeping mission to topple corrupt governments, stop natural disasters, and establishing herself and mutantkind as true heroes.

In case you’re thinking so, this will actually be Storm’s FIRST ongoing series!

The site also have an interview with Pak, where he reveals he’s exploring her combination of fury and empathy while going huge and small at once in storytelling for emotional impact:

“We’re going to see Storm cutting loose with all the brass and fierceness that comes from having the power to control every aspect of the Earth’s weather and atmosphere,” Pak says. “And we’re going to delve deep into the experiences and perspective that lead her to make decisions no other X-Man would — to tear through walls that no one else may have even realized are there.”

Pak feels that in terms of power, Storm might be the X-Men’s greatest asset, and also offers a moral center as a leader since she works for the betterment of mankind as well as her fellow mutants. But she’s a complex character, as she’s also been a street thief, a goddess, a leader of the Morlocks and a queen.

Pak promises to explore all angles:

“She’s a mutant icon — but also a hero to oppressed people everywhere, especially in the ways it might clash with the objectives of her fellow X-Men.”

Pak reveals he found Storm exciting and inspiring ever since he was a kid seeing a first black female superhero for the first time:

“I was a middle-class half-Korean boy growing up in Texas, not the orphaned daughter of an African-American photographer and an African princess growing up in the streets of Cairo,” Pak explains. “But Storm’s difference resonated with me — just by existing, she represented the idea that anyone could be a superhero, even me.

She was a little wild, a little dangerous, and yet a hero through and through. “Storm fights for those who most need her, no matter what the cost. There’s a ton of drama and story in exploring how she makes those decisions and what kind of trouble that will create for herself and everyone she loves.”

Storm has been a regular member of the mutant superhero squad since Giant-Size X-Men No. 1 in 1975 — and has been played on screen by Halle Berry in movies, including this May’s X-Men: Days of Future Past

Source: USA Today


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