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Milo Ventimiglia hints at playing Punisher? Or is he just lobbying?

June 21st, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Not much here, but it may be worth keeping our eyes on.

It appears Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia either would like to play Frank Castle aka The Punisher or already is.

The power of social media is such that stars have resorted to such tactics before.

More interestingly Nathan Edmondon, who is the current writer on the excellent Punisher series, apparently likes idea. He retweeted Milo’s various tweets, even saying himself:

We do know that he wasn’t available to join Heroes Reborn, at least not yet.

There were Punisher references in Marvel’s All Hail The King One-Shot. I think Punisher would be a great guest star in a Daredevil or other Marvel Netflix series, even Agents of SHIELD. Then give him his own series.

Then they can decide whether to give a movie another shot.

What do you think?


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