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Neil Gaiman currently writing the first TWO seasons of The Sandman

December 15th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Comic legend Neil Gaiman is no stranger to having his works put on screen; with projects like American Gods and Good Omens being extremely successful it’s no surprise that The Sandman is his next big thing and will be coming to Netflix.

Gaiman has teamed up with with one of my other favorite writers David Goyer who has created shows like Da Vinci’s Demons and Krypton while also writing on Batman V Superman and The Dark Knight trilogy, they are both being joined by Allan Heinberg who wrote the Wonder Woman script and screenplay and will also be the showrunner for the series.

This is also an unprecedented financial deal for Warner Bros Television as it’s been announced that this will be “the most expensive TV series that DC Entertainment has ever done”.

We already knew that season one would consist of 11 episodes, however season two was a surprise to everyone as Gaiman did an interview with Radio Times to give us a little update on what’s going on right now: “We’ve just finished writing the first episode and plotting and breaking down the first two seasons, so we’ll see what happens next.”

So with the first episode already written I wonder if we may start hearing a bit more news soon, in particular which variation of Sandman will we be seeing? (although we can probably assume it will be Neil’s version with Morpheus, the Lord of the Dreaming.)

The original comic was created back in 1934, however didn’t gain a following until Jack Kirby and Joe Simon created a new one in 1974, unfortunately like a lot of comics this also died out, that is until Neil Gaiman got his hands on him and revamped the whole series much like he did for Marvel’s Daredevil.

Now this actually isn’t the first time that an attempt at a Sandman show or movie has been made, in fact back in 1991, Gaiman was actually the one that stood in the way of a movie adaptation, saying “Please don’t. I’m writing the comic. If there was a movie right now it would just screw everything up,’” which was probably a wise choice.

“The idea is to stay faithful to Sandman, but to do it for now rather than making it a 1980’s period piece,” Gaiman has said of the new show. This should be a rather interesting twist with making it modern day, could this possibly meant that at some point they could also link up with other DC shows? Cough – Arrowverse – cough.

“He’s a gloomy sort of bugger, he’s not quite human, but he does have absolute standards and responsibilities and tries to fulfill his moral obligations even if his standards are not human,” he added and this should pair perfectly with another character from the franchise who’s yet to be cast… Morpheus, whom Gaiman has confirmed will have changed throughout the years and will be slightly different from his comics to properly reflect the change in times.

Everything that Gaiman has touched has turned to gold and I can only hope that it does well and there are many seasons to come.

Stay tuned for more news and stay nerdy folks.

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