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New Elysium stills and character profiles

April 10th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

 After the reveal of yesterday’s first trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi thriller Elysium we have new official stills and character profiles as well.

Max Da Costa (Matt Damon)

Max Da Costa hasn’t always played by the rules. As a result, he’s spent a good chunk of his 36 years locked up. Nobody, including himself, expected much of the orphan who grew up on the streets in the sprawling shantytowns of 22nd-century Los Angeles. But now Max is committed to playing it straight in spite of his endlessly routine existence as an assembly line worker at an Armadyne plant. That is until one day something goes awry, and consequences out of Max’s control once again test his resolve to stay on the right side of the law.

Frey (Alice Braga)

The County Hospital is dirty, decrepit and crowded far beyond capacity. Nursing is what Frey always wanted to do, but working here is dispiriting and exhausting. It’s also a necessity as it provides access to things she can’t live without. When Max shows up in her ER, she knows she shouldn’t trust him. They were so close growing up, pilfering food, dodging police bots – surviving together. But that was years ago and things are drastically different.

Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster)

As Secretary of Defense, Delacourt directs Elysium’s security apparatus. She monitors Elysium’s borders and commands the Civil Cooperation Bureau, the organization that keeps Earth in line and its citizens where they belong. While her hawkish assessment of the illegal immigration threat is not shared by all of Elysium’s leaders, with a stream of filthy, graffiti-laden shuttles headed their way, she will do whatever necessary to keep Elysium safe.

Kruger (Sharlto Copley)

M Kruger—or Agent 32 Alpha 21b, as he’s designated by the Civil Cooperation Bureau—is a crucial weapon in Secretary Delacourt’s arsenal to keep Elysium free of illegals. Countless human rights violations to his name, he is one of the CCB’s most capable Earth-based sleeper agents. Kruger’s knack for killing is all Delacourt considers when it comes to protecting Elysium.

Julio (Diego Luna) Spider (Wagner Moura)


Max and Julio were brothers from the time they stole their first car together. Max was a legend on the dirty streets of LA where they grew up. These days Julio runs solo. He can’t believe Max would go straight—especially to punch the clock at a place like Armadyne. When Max agrees to pull off one last job in a desperate attempt to change his life, Julio steps up to help his old friend.


Something between an opportunistic entrepreneur and a modern day Robin Hood, Spider sells what people want: passage to Elysium. He doesn’t shuttle illegals to Elysium for charity, but he’s their ticket to salvation all the same. He experiences a crisis on conscience when Max uncovers something that can equal the playing field between the “Have Nots” of Earth and the “Haves” of Elysium.




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