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New Star Trek series to have a female lead….

August 11th, 2016 by bash Comments



The man in charge of bringing Star Trek: Discovery to the small screen has confirmed that the new show will have a female lead…. but she won’t be a captain.

During a CBS All Access panel at TCA, Bryan Fuller said that the lead would be “a lieutenant commander with caveats“. He also revealed that the show will have a gay character, be set 10 years before James T Kirk, and will bridge the gap between Enterprise and the original series.

We haven’t cast her yet and we don’t know what level of diversity she will be. The story that’s fascinating for me is that we’ve seen six series from captain’s point of view and to see one from another point of view gives us a richer context,” Fuller said.

He also confirmed that Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country director Nicholas Meyer is involved in the writers room.

Meanwhile, David Semel is directing and executive producing the opening episode which will premiere on CBS in January before the series moves to its permanent home at SVOD platform CBS All Access.

Elsewhere in the Trek movieverse, Simon Pegg has cleared up something that has been bugging many a fan since watching Star Trek Beyond…. the omission of Lieutenant Carol Marcus, the character played by Alice Eve in JJ Abrams’ 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.

Speaking to the Independent, Pegg said he didn’t want her to be underused in the film but she will likely be back at some point in a more prominent role.

With this it felt like we would under-serve her if we included her, she might end up feeling like she hadn’t been given the amount of screen-time she deserves, so rather than bring her in and just have her be a supporting role, like, have her not be in this one, and when the time comes [bring her back],” he said.

The worst thing to do would be to have her in the film and have that character be killed, and that felt like a cynical thing to do. We thought rather than have Carol Marcus not be used to a reasonable capacity, let’s just not include her, have her be alive, in canon, and ready to come back at any time.”

Despite Star Trek Beyond still featuring in cinemas, a fourth film in the franchise has already been confirmed by producer Abrams. It is unknown whether Justin Lin will return as director but the film’s cast will all be back.

Source: Deadline and The Independent

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