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Now Robert Downey Jr. in talks for The Avengers 2 and 3

May 8th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


We’ve just reported on the fact that some of the Avengers cast are unhappy with their deals with Marvel Studios.

Marvel pays people relatively little, especially at the outset, but the idea is that the exposure of starring in a Marvel movie pays off down the road at other studios. That’s the theory anyway.

Now on the heels of that comes word from The Hollywood Reporter that Robert Downey Jr. is in talks for Avengers 2 and Avengers 3, but isn’t likelt to come back for Iron Man 4.

The ending of Iron Man 3 felt just like that, an ending. It suggests that we might see someone other than Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit in the future or maybe a new Stark? It would be very easy for Downey to walk away from the standalone films at this point and stick to Avengers.

Kevin Feige has previously said that Marvel would not be opposed to implementing the James Bond model of having different actors play the same character. But, Iron Man is the most successful film franchise in Marvel’s pocket and the studio would likely much rather have an Iron Man 4 starring Downey in Phase Three than not.

RDJ is Iron Man, so it might be a tough sell to have a new actor in the role.

Marvel has recast actors playing the Hulk and James Rhodes without too much audience backlash, but RDJ they are not. Theoretically you should be able to plug in Don Cheadle to star in the fourth Iron Man film.

Regarding Iron Man 4, sources told THR: “Iron Man 4 has not been part of the discussions, and it’s unclear whether Downey, 48, wants to return for another stand-alone sequel.”

To sum up: Marvel has to get their house in order.

There is a bit of good news, THR also mentions that Marvel has scripts for Blade and Ms. Marvel and that Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Black Panther and The Runaways are all strong possible new films looking forward.

Now to deal with the present!

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