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Oscorp logo spotted in the world of Iron Man 3

April 6th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Earlier in the year I shared a rumor with you I had heard that Marvel Studios was going to be teaming up with Sony and 20th Century Fox to create one unified movie universe. Each studio of course would still be responsible for their respective properties, but the point would be that all the movie properties would be able to cross over. This wasn’t the first time we’ve heard something like this. Marvel’s Kevin Feige wanted to hide a small easter egg from Spider-Man’s universe in the skyline of New York in Avengers, and he selected Oscorp as the perfect link between the two separate cinematic worlds. The problem was Sony hadn’t finished their designs for the building, so the plan fell through.

Until now that is.

In a trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 3 video game from Gameloft, a billboard for Oscorp Industries is shown on one of the buildings right across from an A.I.M. billboard. Now this is not just any Oscorp Industries billboard, but one containing the exact same Oscorp Industries logo that appears in the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Now keep in mind that Gameloft also produced the Amazing Spider-Man movie video game, so it’s always possible that this is some sort of mistake, but I really don’t think so.

So what does this mean?

Having all the Marvel Cinematic properties operating in the same universe makes sense for a lot of reasons, think of the merchandising opportunities alone. As for Spider-Man in particular, who I’m most excited about, it isn’t that far-fetched when you consider that Sony and Disney do have a mutual deal regarding the film and merchandising rights. Andrew Garfield has previously stated he would be open to teaming up with the Avengers.(why wouldn’t he?)

So is this the first solid evidence of the unified Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will we see Spider-Man in Avengers 2?

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