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PC Games with the Best Updates for 2022

February 7th, 2022 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

PC gaming is bigger than ever now with unmatched graphics and FPS rate on PCs. The vast collection of games, coupled with insane performance, has resulted in PCs becoming a better option than consoles. However, so many options of PC games available these days can be overwhelming for a starter. You may struggle to choose and master the best games if you are a beginner. You can get the latest hacks on how to improve your gaming on iwantcheats. This will help you compete with the more professional players and make you a pro in no time.

But what games should you start with? We will tell you about some games with the best updates in 2022 you can have a lot of fun playing.


Players Unknown Battlegrounds, or more commonly known as PUBG, has become an international phenomenon. Even if you aren’t a gamer, you must have heard of PUBG. Released in 2017, this game is still an absolute joy to play.

The game is constantly replenished by great content. New updates bring in attires, bug fixes, and much more to the game. Seasons and battle passes are available to provide you with in-game challenges. You can earn perks, rewards, and a lot of cool skins through this.

The gameplay is amazing and second to none. It’s one of the best first-person shooting games around due to its fun gameplay. PUBG looks stunning at 60 FPS on a PC and runs very smoothly. It also holds up graphically while being a fast-paced shooting game. PUBG is a good place for any gamer to start with so many exciting updates to look for in 2022.

Apex Legends

Another great game with regular updates that you will enjoy is Apex Legends. The first-person shooter came out in 2019 and has been a fan favorite.

The player can choose any of the available characters. Each character has its own special ability, and new characters are added every season. The battle royale also has a game pass that you can use to obtain new items and characters. The ability factor makes Apex Legends a unique battle royale making it a great game to dive into in 2022.


Every gamer knows about Call of Duty. The series is quintessential FPS gaming, and Warzone is one of its best products. The game was released in 2020 and has been one of the most played battle royales since then.

The game is continuously changed and modified with every Call of Duty release. It was tied into Vanguard and Black Ops: Cold War even though Warzone came out with Modern Warfare. So it’s ok to assume that it will be updated with the next games too. Hence, updates aren’t going to be a problem.

The game looks amazing graphically and has the traditional COD feel that players love. Warzone is a fun place to start in 2022, and it will have you hooked in no time.


If you haven’t been living under a rock since 2013, chances are you have heard of GTA V. This open-world game has one of the liveliest online modes present on PC.

The game receives huge updates with brand new missions on a regular basis. It has a lot of stuff for you to do on the online mode, so you are never going to get bored playing GTA V. It’s still going strong 9 years into its life cycle, and that tells you all you need to know.

GTA V is top-notch in everything. From gameplay to the soundtrack, it’s a perfect game with an even better online mode. So, GTA V is one of the best picks, even in 2022.


Many of us grew up with the 1999 FPS called Counter-Strike. So, you will be glad to know another game in the series is expected in 2022.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or simply CS: GO is one of the most famous PC games of the past few years. The game is still performing well in 2022 and gets a slurry of updates. Valve also provides larger batches of new content, so you won’t get bored playing CS: GO.

CS: GO has a large player base and is one of the most played games on Steam even in 2022. The gameplay is also one of the best in FPS gaming, and the game barely has any bugs. You can also buy a lot of skins, attires and much more from the store.

Another great point of CS: GO is that it is free to play. So, it’s easily obtainable for any player. It has a lot of options with an addition of a battle royale mode recently. Hence, the game will be fresh with options even if you have played for a while.

The game also is big on the esports scale. Competitions are held everywhere, so if you get any good at this game, you may have a chance to win big.

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