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PS4 – I’ll Have Mine On Launch Night

November 24th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments



So with the looming launch of the Playstation 4, and with all the doom and gloom of the blue line of death plus the non backwards compatibility to certain games am I still looking forward to having my hand around that polished shiny black ergonomically designed controller?

God yes!

Was I ever tempted to go for the Xbox One? Not at all. It’s not because I’m a gamer snob, or an elitist, I’ve just never liked the controller for the XBox, I have fairly big hands and they always felt awkward to use between button placement/configuration. And I have tried, I had an X Box and it went the way of the red ring of death, and I had a 360 which I purely bought to experience Gears of War 2, and it was worth it, but my heart belongs to the Playstation.

So back in August when the release date was finally made public I trudged off to my local DVD rental emporium and put my name down so that on release day I will have one.  Even better I’ve secured a copy of Call of Duty:Ghosts to play on it, needless to say there will be no sleep on the 28th of November

Why did I decide to pre-order my PS4 some of you may ask? I can’t really give a straight answer other than to be able to say “I have one” and judging by the fact my very patient girlfriend calls me a man-child (I’m 36 and 6’5″ tall so I can only take this as a compliment) it’s a very acceptable reason.
The store I’m buying from are already on their 4th waiting list so I do feel very privileged to be getting mine on launch night and I won’t be one to gloat and laugh at others who may not have theirs for weeks, but ya gotta get up early to stay ahead of the crowds.

Now I don’t know whether it’s my few years of being actively involved in the Airsoft Community or not but I am a sucker for games like COD:Ghosts and Battlefield 4 and have resisted playing these on the PS3, so they will be my first purchases on the 28th and I’d say after that it’ll be AC4; I am looking forward to seeing the evolution of gameplay and graphics from what we’ve been used to from the industry changing PS3 to what will probably become the new standard from the PS4

As with all new games consoles the titles will trickle out of the developers, and the issues of backwards compatibility will hopefully be addressed by developers with a downloadable patch so here’s hoping for a bigger back catalog of games to play.

Can I see sleepless nights, over consumption of Red Bull and a lack of attending the gym over the next month? Yes, and it’ll be worth it…hopefully

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