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REVIEW: FTN reviews The Rat Pack – Live at The Grand Opera House, Belfast

February 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

The Rat Pack Live
The Grand Opera House, Belfast
Mon 04 Feb – Sat 09 Feb, 2013
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The boys are back at the Grand Opera House Belfast! The Rat Pack – Live from Las Vegas celebrates the incredible singing talent of three world-famous entertainers and performers and some of the finest music and song that has ever been recorded.

Take a trip back in time to the glamorous, glitzy nights of Las Vegas in the late 1950s and early 60s where, in the company of the fabulous Burrelli Sisters and The Rat Pack Big Band, you will experience Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin performing at the famous Sands Hotel.

With an orchestra and mini bar on a stage, mood lighting and sign for The Sands Hotel Resort, you just knew you were in for something special. In walks Frank Sinatra, the epitome of cool, dressed in trademark tux and studded cuff links and microphone in hand. Suddenly the orchestra starts and “Ole Blue Eyes” arches back, raises his hand just a little and starts singing Lady is a Tramp.

As Frank disappears, the spotlight blazes upon the purple tux, frilly shirt and tap dancing shoes of Sammy Davis Jr. With his trademark grin, the orchestra swells as he jives, moves and tap dances to “Black Magic”, hitting the notes and hitting his stride with every beat.

On walks, or rather stumbles, Dean Martin, microphone in one hand and a fast disappearing scotch in the other with the audience in the palm if hand as he swings his way to Amoré.

This was a musical extravaganza like no other. Being a fan of The Rat Pack since my teens, I was extremely familiar with their musical and jovial hijinks and I was not disappointed. The “Chairman of the Board” was just as good as any LP I had grown up to. The performance was superb, with the act incorporating everything from the sound of the voice, the accent and even the waving of the hand in the air.

The same must be said for “Deano” as he was shuffling round the stage, playfully slurring his words in the fun way that he does to please the crowd, all the while sipping away at his scotch. He even managed a duet of Dance A Couple Of Times In The Evening, this was clearly no drunkard but a performer that knew how to please an audience.

The trio was rounded off by “Smoky” himself. For anyone that has seen Sammy perform, you will know that he never stands still for a second. He uses his whole body in the performance and tonight was no exception.

When the trio were on stage altogether it was like gold shining in that desert resort. All three equally performed brilliantly, with the jokes and quick repartee flowing as smoothly as the booze from the minibar.

They were backed by The Burellis, a trio of ladies that simply oozed class and charm that were matched by their voices and harmonisation. The orchestra too, lead by the “Piano Guy”, was also on top form, never missing a cue from the performers or even the antics on the stage.

If you’re a fan of the Rat Pack this is unmissable. If you aren’t, it’s still pretty unmissable…

4 out of 5 nerds

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