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Robopocalypse was costing a lot of money: Spielberg

January 10th, 2013 by bash Comments

Steven Spielberg has assured fans that he still plans to make an adaptation of Robopocalypse.

It follows news that he had put the project on hold because of money and script issues.

Speaking to EW, he said: “We found that the film was costing a lot of money and I found a better way to tell the story more economically but also much more personally. I found the personal way into ‘Robopocalypse’, and so I just told everybody to go find other jobs, I’m starting on a new script and we’ll have this movie back on its feet soon.”

The director went on to say that the delay would likely be in area of six to eight months.

With an originally planned release date of April 25, 2014, we could see Robopocalypse on the big screen as soon as October, 2014.

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