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RUMOR: Are these 3 actors the front-runners for The Flash TV role?

September 10th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

While Marvel has proven successful by building its Cinematic Universe on the big screen, then carrying it over to television such as with this fall’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., DC seems to be doing the opposite by using their comic book characters first on television, then using those to pave the way for big screen adaptations.

The next big undertaking for DC is The Flash, set to air on the CW as a spin-off to the successful Arrow, and the search is on for the perfect leading man to play the Scarlet Speedster.

According to El Mayimbe of Latino Review, there are currently three actors in the running (sorry) for the role of Dr. Barry Allen, who will be appearing in three episodes of Arrow‘s second season.

The first is relatively unknown, Australian actor James Mackay, who will be seen next in the upcoming Singularity.

Then there’ slightly better-known Matt Barr, who has previously worked with CW on the now-cancelled Hellcats, was also in Hatfields and McCoys,  and will be in  Parkland this fall.

The third actor is Grant Gustin. He is best known for his role as Sebastian Smythe in Glee and for 90210. The 23 year old actor stars in the indie film Affluenza next.

The character of Dr. Barry Allen will first appear in Episodes 8 and 9 of the upcoming season of Arrow as a scientist who is trying desperately to solve his mother’s murder. He’ll later appear in Episode 20, which will serve as the integrated pilot for the spin-off series The Flash. The Flash television series will be directed by David Nutter.

Of these three choices, which actor do you want to see get the role?

Source: Latino Review

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