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Samuel L. Jackson continues Star Wars sequel push

August 19th, 2013 by bash Comments


Samuel L. Jackson has been telling anyone and everyone recently that he’d love to return to the Star Wars galaxy as Mace Windu.

Earlier this week he confirmed  he’d bumped into JJ Abrams and Harrison Ford at a wedding.

Here’s what he said: “J.J. was there, I was there. I was like (raises eyebrows) and he was like (noncommittal shrug), and he just went about his business. I don’t know what that means.

“Harrison (Ford) was there too, and he was like (shrug). I just think it would be cool to have some of us that people relate to as being part of the Star Wars franchise to give entre to the new characters that they’re going to bring to whatever the new thing is. It kind of makes it an easier entrance.”

Do any of you want Mace Windu back for the sequels? Could it work? Let us know.

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